's Vacation Checklist

? Store your travel documents in a safe place upon receipt. It could be very costly to replace them. Many hotels require a credit card at check-in for incidentals.
? If needed, purchase underwater cameras, film, suntan lotion, and insect repellant prior to your trip. These items can be very costly in resort areas.
? Reconfirm all international flights within 72 hours of departure.
? Do not pack your travel documents or proof of citizenship in luggage to be checked. Carry them with you and have ready for check-in. You may call the airline prior to travel and give your passport information, this will save you time at check-in. Don't forget your frequent flyer numbers!
? Arrive at airport 2 hours early for international flights and 1 hour early for domestic flights.
? Do not pack any medications, cameras, car keys, or other valuables in luggage to be checked. Travel with as little jewelry as possible.
? Do not let anyone that you do not know ask you to hold or carry anything onto a plane. Do not leave carry-on luggage unattended at any time while traveling through airports.
? If your travel involves a change of planes locate your next departure gate immediately upon arrival that way you can relax if you have a layover and you know where you need to be.
? If transfers were booked for your final destination with your package please do not let anyone other than your transfer company handle your luggage or give you a ride to your resort. Your transfer company will be identified in your travel documents and the transfer companies can easily be found outside of baggage claim.
? Be aware while traveling, sometimes travelers become so relaxed while on vacation that they become more vulnerable to crime. Always be aware of your surroundings. Some petty thieves earn a living in resort areas.
? Do not leave valuables lying around your hotel room or chairs at the beach or pool.  Use the in room safe if provided or the hotel safe. 
? Do not carry more cash than you expect to use. ATM machines are located just about everywhere and most in the Caribbean and Mexico do not charge a user fee, however your bank may. Also carry traveler's checks when ever possible.
? Be aware that people attempting to sell time-share in many destinations may approach you. They will offer you things such as a free breakfast, free car rental for the day, or half price tours. Remember nothing is free and be cautious if you choose to accept any type of promotion. In no way is connected to anyone offering these promotions. 
? Check with guest services or the hotel tour desks for activities or tours that can be purchased.
? Check the custom laws carefully to see what you are allowed to bring home duty free. This will be provided to you upon arrival or during your flight.
? Reconfirm your departure time for the airport the day before departure. A local number for your transfer company should be in your travel documents. If not please check with guest services.
? Have a great time and should you need our assistance our phone numbers are: Toll free 1-888-553-2378 or outside the USA 704-844-2496.